video tutorials

1 Quick start

2 Configuration

3 Configuration setting

4 Reports and data export

5 Multi-user operation mode

6 Configuring access rights

7 Import data

8 Working with a barcode scanner


  1. Launch with the prolong key - the video shows the launch of the program with the "prolong" parameter in accordance with the standard question #2
  2. Conditional visibility - this short video shows the conditional visibility of fields in action
  3. Copying a record to another table - demonstrates how to move the current record of the main table and subordinate records to another table
  4. Installment Sales - generate a payment schedule for a customer, add multiple entries to a subordinate table from a trigger in a loop
  5. Multi-Currency - demonstration of entering amounts in different currencies
  6. File reference - image and the default value for the fields-pictures
  7. Generation of a schedule of specific class dates for the group and mark present the lesson configuration example "Training center"
  8. Counter customers - demonstration of the operation of the counter of visits of the customers in the sample configuration "Fitness club"
  9. Adding a new field with a formula - how to add a formula in the field for its automatic calculation. Using the SWITCH function in a field formula
  10. Formula for the amount including the discount - set in the "default Value" parameter in the field properties. Using the IIF function in a stored numeric field formula
  11. Query, read XML and import - demonstration of getting information about currency rates via the form and via the GoToUrlAndImportXml command from the button code
  12. Cloud disks - demonstration of synchronization of database copies (replicas) via cloud disks
  13. Sum in words - demonstration of using the SpellMoney function with different currencies
  14. XML Export and import - demonstration of using XML export and subsequent import
  15. EAN-13 Barcode - demonstration of creating a [BarCode] bookmark in a Word document template for printing